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JIANGSE has been able to occupy a pioneer position within China, offering our clients products of the highest quality. And because we have a strategical investments with manufacturers, mines and farms in the top exporting regions across the globe, which puts us in a very desirable situation, thus we are able to offer excellent prices to our clients.

What do we Offer?

JIANGSE is specialized in a large variety of sectors such as; Commodities, Heavy Industry, OEM Manufacturing, and Investments. Due to our strategical investments we are able sell all of our products directly to the end user.

An important aspect included in all our sales is the fulfillment of comprehensive Quality Control Inspections at every stage and delivering detailed reports on it. As we never compromise on the quality of each of the products we sell directly to our clients.

Due to our strong presence in the Chinese market we have been able to grow steadily for that past years and work with clients from all over the world. The products we offer all undergo extensive quality control tests, working with SGS S.A. and many others.

Become a Buyer