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Heavy Industry

Paper Machinery

JIANGSE is your partner for Paper Machinery
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We are selling our Heavy Industry Machinery across the globe.

We are able to provide a large variety of Industry Machinery to different sectors. From Paper Machinery Lines, to Packaging Machinery.

Our own team of engineers are ready to assist you to customize each machinery to your company need. Feel free to contact us for your Heavy Industry Machinery requirement.

Machinery Examples

  • Corrugated Paper Line
    • Paper Printer
    • Paper Die Cutting
  • Granule Packing
  • Powder Packing
  • Steam Turbines
  • Condensate Turbines
  • Heavy Machinery Parts
  • and many more

More Information

Corrugated Paper Line

| 3ply, 5ply, 7ply
| Different width (1800mm, 2200mm)

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Corrugated Paper Printer

| 2 colors, 3colors, 4colors, 5colors
| It can be customized on request.

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Corrugated Paper Die Cutting Machine

| New & used options available

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All Heavy Industry Turbines are available at JIANGSE
  • Condensate turbines (1MW,2MW, 3MW,6MW etc.)
  • Water turbine generator sets
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EcoCap Machinery

JIANGSE is your partner for Paper Machinery
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Sustainability at Heart

Join us in a greener journey. TOPSYL is not only eco-friendly but also 100% recyclable. By choosing Ecocap’s, you’re embracing packaging solutions that prioritize both product protection and environmental well-being.

Explore Ecocap’s cutting-edge can packaging machinery that adapts to various production scales. From large-scale operations to smaller setups, our solutions offer optimal efficiency without compromise.

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