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Frozen Chicken Products

Frozen Chicken Products

China is the largest consumer of Chicken Paws & Feet. Thus we have established a gateway to our local market by providing them directly with the required products of Frozen Chicken Paws, Frozen Chicken Feet & Frozen Chicken MJW.

Jiangse Business chicken paws

Upholding the highest quality of Frozen Chicken Products destined for China. All government approved certificates are assured.

Jiangse Business is a direct seller of Frozen Chicken Paws, Feet & MJW in the market of China. We are providing these products directly from Brazil, all SIF certified and guaranteed of the highest quality standards.

To place an order with us, kindly send us your detailed inquiry. Our Sales team will get in touch with you to discuss it further.


  • Frozen Chicken Paws
  • Frozen Chicken Feet
  • Frozen Chicken MJW


  • Brazil (SIF Certified)

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