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Iron Ore

Iron ore is the primary raw material used to make steel. Steel is strong, long-lasting and cost-efficient – making it perfect for everything from Household appliances to cars, bridges and skyscrapers.

Our integrated operations ensure we can supply the right quality product to our customers, when they need it.

Jiangse supplies iron ore from the world to China. There is a high demand for our consistent and high-quality iron ore products from steel mills in China. We take great pride in maintaining ongoing relationships with our buyers, and we remain committed to delivering quality and value to this market.

The mining industry is continuing to grow and evolve, so effective utilization of our assets is critical for us to remain competitive, reach our full potential and lay a solid foundation for our future. We are not driven to win at any cost – instead, we strongly believe in ensuring win-win benefits for local communities, stakeholders, buyers, partners and government.


  • Lumpy to Fines: Fe 58%-60%
  • Lumpy to Fines: Fe 62%-75%


  • Asia
  • South-America
  • Africa

Chemical Composition Fe 62%-64%

Frozen Chicken Products

China is the largest consumer of Chicken Paws & Feet. Thus we have established a gateway to our local market by providing them directly with the required products of Frozen Chicken Paws, Frozen Chicken Feet & Frozen Chicken MJW.

Jiangse Business chicken paws

Upholding the highest quality of Frozen Chicken Products destined for China. All government approved certificates are assured.

Jiangse Business is a direct seller of Frozen Chicken Paws, Feet & MJW in the market of China. We are providing these products directly from Brazil, all SIF certified and guaranteed of the highest quality standards.

To place an order with us, kindly send us your detailed inquiry. Our Sales team will get in touch with you to discuss it further.


  • Frozen Chicken Paws
  • Frozen Chicken Feet
  • Frozen Chicken MJW


  • Brazil (SIF Certified)


Barite is a mineral composed of barium sulfate (BaSO4). The high specific gravity of Barite makes it suitable for a wide range of industrial, medical, and manufacturing uses. Barite also serves as the principal ore of barium. It is also important in the manufacture of paper, rubber and explosives. Barite is also used in radiology for x-rays of the digestive system. When pulverized, it is added to drilling fluids, which is poured into oil wells during the drilling.

Barite Ore

Due to our strategical investments with Barite mines, we are able to directly sell large quantities of Ore and Powder.

Drilling Industry: The overwhelming majority of the Barite that is mined is used by the petroleum industry as a weighting material in the formulation of drilling mud. Barite increases the hydrostatic pressure of the drilling mud allowing it to compensate for high-pressure zones experienced during drilling. The softness of the mineral also prevents it from damaging drilling tools during drilling and enables it to serve as a lubricant.

Medical Industry: An application where many people have heard of Barite is within the medical field. A high-purity form of Barite is used in the gastrointestinal tract where its density prevents x-ray penetration, and thus is visible on an x-ray. The outline of the gastrointestinal tract thus becomes visible allowing the determination of normal and abnormal anatomy.

Other Uses: Barite is also used in a wide variety of other applications including plastics, clutch pads, rubber mudflaps, mold release compounds, radiation shielding, television and computer monitors, sound-deadening material in automobiles, traffic cones, brake linings, paint and golf balls.


  • Barite Ore
  • Barite Powder


  • Asia

Chemical Composition

  • Contact us to discuss your exact needs.


The soybean is a very versatile legume and is used in many feed and food applications for human consumption, as well as pet food and livestock feed. We offer soybeans and soybean meal, as well as soy ingredients, organic and non-GMO options.

We source from the world’s top growing regions and meet the highest food safety qualifications.

Non-GMO Soybeans
All growers and producers of non-gmo soybeans must grow certified seeds and follow a strict planting and harvesting protocol. When the soybeans are delivered to the facility they are graded for purity and colour and some samples are tested to confirm the non-GMO status and before we can offer it to exportation.

Soybean Meal
Soybean meal is used for soy flour and other products for human consumption (ex:soy milks, protein supplements, etc) and is distributed to food processing companies & plants across the world.

We also have access to large beans that are high in protein and that are especially well suited for Japan and for other Asian markets.


  • Typically packed in 20′ FCLs or vessels of 12,500 MT – 50,000 MT and up to 300,000 MT/Month on a 12 month contract basis


  • Brazil


Today, we use copper in pots and pans, in the water pipes in our homes, and in the radiators in our cars. Copper also plays an essential role in computers, smartphones, electronics, appliances, and construction.

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

We deliver copper directly to reputable global refiners, smelters, fabricators and manufacturers of copper components around the world who transform these raw materials into important copper products that have impact on the daily lives of consumers worldwide.

The major uses of copper cathodes are in the manufacture of copper rods for the wire and cable industry and copper tubes for consumer durable goods. Copper cathodes are also used for making alloys like brass, bronze and alloy steel, with applications in transportation, electrical appliances and machinery, and construction.

Copper Types

  • Granules Cu99.99%
  • Cathodes
  • Copper Ore


  • Zambia
  • South Africa
  • Chile

White Refined Sugar

Brazil Refines relatively little of its Sugar for Export, so newcomers to the market will often find that much Brazilian ICUMSA 45 (IC45) has already been sold quite some time before it was produced. We always make sure that the requested or ordered Sugar gets delivered to the customers desired port.

Jiangse is offering you a complete variety of sugar products.

Brazil is the world’s leading sugar producer. Sugarcane is a plant, which grows best in warm temperate or tropical regions such as Brazil, making it one of the world’s finest qualities of sugar. In food production, this notion becomes paramount as premium ingredients can positively enhance the taste of manufactured products.

ICUMSA 45 (IC45) sugar, known today as white sugar, is one of the most sought after by sugar importers worldwide, due to its purity and brightness. As the highest quality sugar available on the market today, ICUMSA 45 (IC45) sugar has a sparkling white color and is highly refined, suitable for human consumption and use in a wide range of food products. In addition, it has a high demand due to the fact that it is safer, since its refining process removes bacteria and contaminants present in raw sugars. We are ready to provide it to you.


  • ICUMSA 45 (IC45)
  • ICUMSA 100 (IC100)
  • ICUMSA 150 (IC150)


  • South-America
  • Asia

Urea N46%

Urea N46% is the world’s most common nitrogen fertilizer and has been used uniformly in all the agricultural lands of the world. Never before this, agriculture had seen such booming heights in production as well as prosperity.


We are directly selling Urea N46%

More than 90% of world industrial production of urea is destined for use as a nitrogen-release fertilizer. Urea has the highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers in common use. Therefore, it has the lowest transportation costs per unit of nitrogen nutrient. Urea fertilizers rapidly transform to the ammonium form in soils.

Advantages of Urea Fertilizer

  • Superior Nitrogen content
  • Non-flammable and risk-free storage
  • Wide application range, for all types of crops and soils
  • Neutral pH and harmless to crops and soil
  • Available for BULK orders at JIANGSE


  • UREA N46% Fertilizer


  • Asia

Platinum Alloy

1、 Structure type of catalytic network
(1)SMC full function network
(2)Warp knitting net
(3)Multilayer stereocatalytic net
(4)Weft knitted net
(5)Plain net
(6)Precious metal recycling net

2、Alloy model:
SMC Fully functional alloy、PtRh10、PtRh8、PtRh7、PtRh5、PtPdRh4-3.5、PdNi5  etc;

3、Wire diameter:

4、Ammoxidation type
Atmospheric pressure, medium pressure, high pressure.

Platinum Alloy Catalytic Net for Ammonia Oxidation

Multilayer Stereocatalytic Network

Technical characteristics of multi-layer three-dimensional catalytic net:

  • The metal wire is a multi-layer three-dimensional structure with large catalytic surface area and high catalytic efficiency;
  • High temperature strength and stability of catalytic net;
  • Small air resistance and pressure drop;
  • Low platinum consumption and long service life;
  • Wide application range.

Warp Knitting Net

Warp knitting technology is the most advanced knitting technology at present. It has the following characteristics when used to knit platinum alloy catalytic net:

  • Large specific surface area, high oxidation efficiency, low ammonia consumption and high output;
  • Platinum mesh has large free space, stable air flow, low air  resistance and low pressure drop;
  • Long service life;
  • It can prepare seamless catalytic nets with a diameter of  more than 5100mm;
  • High processing efficiency and short cycle.

Weft Knitted Net

Weft knitted structure is the second generation of processing technology used to prepare platinum alloy catalytic mesh. It is less used now. Its features are:

  • High mechanical strength and stable net structure;
  • Large specific surface area, high oxidation efficiency, low ammonia consumption and high output;
  • Platinum mesh has large free space, stable air flow, low air resistance and low pressure drop;
  • Long service life;
  • The net uniformity is slightly poor;
  • If the diameter exceeds 2300mm, it must be spliced, and the processing cycle is long.

Plain Woven Catalytic Net

Plain weave structure is a traditional manufacturing technology for platinum alloy catalytic mesh. The use of metal wires is flexible, and various types of wires can be selected as warp and weft. The basic structure of metal wires is that the warp and weft are interwoven up and down, and most of them adopt the “well” shape structure. The mesh wire is straight, and the mesh is small, belonging to a two-dimensional uniform structure. Before the knitted structure was applied to the catalytic mesh weaving technology, all catalytic meshes adopted plain structure。

Features: the net structure is relatively stable. High pressure drop and low effective catalytic area lead to low conversion. Poor tear resistance under high temperature and pressure. The weaving width is narrow, the production efficiency is low, and the construction period is long. At present, plain structure has been eliminated, and only some furnace types still use plain structure.

PVPP - Crosslinked Polyvinylpyrrolidone

Crosslinked Polyvinylpyrrolidone

One time-use PVPP

Product efficacy

Function: processing aid (adsorbent) for food industry

Scope of application: it can be used in the processing and fermentation of beer, wine, fruit wine, yellow rice wine, prepared wine and tea (like) beverages.

Usage: appropriate amount according to production needs.

Usage: prepare water suspension and add it as required.

1) Prepare 5-15% suspension with deoxygenated water, fully stir for more than 60 minutes to make the drink fully contact with suspended particles, and evenly add in the continuous addition process of diatomite filtration.

2) It is recommended that the adsorption reaction time should last for 5-10 minutes. Prolonging the adsorption time will not have an adverse impact on the drink. Use the dosage should be controlled at 10-45 g / 100 L.

Regenerated PVPP

Usage: beer filtration, fresh up the filter housing

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