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Jiangse Business Development - Your partner in China

A key seller of commodities within China

Guangzhou Jiangse Business Development Co. Ltd. is your partner in China. With the market of China being one of worlds largest importer of commodities, one of our business activity is the direct sale of bulk commodities for the Chinese market. We establish investment relations with mines and farmers across the globe. Which puts in a position of operating as a direct seller of all the commodities we are currently offering. Our local purchasing clients are established factories and manufacturers who purchase large volumes on yearly contracts.

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Jiangse Business Development - Your partner in China

Iron Ore

We sell Iron Ore directly to our clients.


Unlock the Future of Can Packaging with Ecocap's TOPSYL Sealing System

Sugar Icumsa 45

Directly from Brazil to our clients.

Paper Machinery

Proving a large option of Heavy Industry Machinery.


Jiangse is an established name within the markets of China. Currently operating in a variety of sectors, such as; Commodities, Heavy Industry, and Investments. We are a strategical investment organization, with a clear vision to explore opportunities with our partners. And as our buyer, we are always ready to assist you to the highest degree by providing products you can directly purchase from Jiangse.

Commodities Section


Heavy Industry Section

Heavy Industry

Investments Section


Quality Control Guaranteed

Quality is of utmost importance in all sectors of Commodity trading and Manufacturing, which can impact the quality, price, viability and legitimacy of a product. Our team of experts oversee each aspect. This happens during the sale of our bulk commodities but it also happens during the manufacturing of customized heavy industry machinery. At JIANGSE, we believe in the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction and we always place you, as our client, first.

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